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University of St. Thomas                                                                      

Cretin-Derham Hall 

MN Brokers License

Council of Residential Specialists 2000-2017 (CRS)

Financial and Tax Applications (CRS)

Bus. Development for Res. Specialist (CRS)                                

Graduate Real Estate Institute GRI

Certified Relocation Specialist

Interpret Appraisals Like a Pro

Home Inspections

Fair Housing and Agency 2023

2022/23 Broker Module 

Measurement "How Big Is It"

Title 101

Realist Tax Intro

Fair Housing and Agency 2022

Educating Home Buyers

2021/22 Broker Module

Carbon Monoxide


Mold in Homes

Code of Ethics 2021

2020/21 Broker Module

Real Estate Part-time

Bus. and Communication Technology

Serving Senior Homebuyers and Sellers

Future of Minnesota Housing and Development

Protecting Clients

Market Analysis - Best Practices

Safety Strategies for Real Estate Professionals

Covid-19 Minnesota Real Estate Transactions

Commitment to Excellence (C2EX) class

Statistics to Enhance Your Business

2019/20 Broker Module

Fair Housing and Agency 2020

Risk Management 2019 Required

Staying Safe in Real Estate

Building Green Building Smart

Property Appraisal

Code of Ethics 2018

Essential Real Estate Marketing

Art of Pricing and CMA

Advanced Negotiation Practices

Agency, Fair Housing, and Special Entities 2018

Home Inspection

Residential Contracts 2017

Niche Marketing 2017

Millennials are changing Real Estate

Real Estate Safety

Real Estate Trust Accounts

Day in the life of a Buyer Agent 2016

Conduct Paperless Transactions 2016

Technology Real Estate Business 2016

Ethics 2016 Required Module

Agency / Fair Housing 2016 Required Module

Ethics 2015

Preparing a Listing Agreement

MN Disclosure Law 2015

Financing Issues, Earnest Money

Trust Account 2015

Broker Supervisory 2014

Module-Risk Management 2014

Why Bad Things Happen to Good Houses

Minnesota Radon Awareness Act

Distressed Properties 2013

Agency / Fair Housing 2013

Contracts 2013

MN Residential Leasing 2012

MLS Matrix

12 Action Steps 2012

Commercial & Retail Summit

Code of Ethics 2011

Agency/ Fair Housing 2011

Bridging the Gap

State and Federal Updates

Legislative Issues 2011

2010 Forms Update

Community Stabilization

Real Estate and Water

Today’s Real Estate 2010

Real Estate Issues 2

2009 Legislative Update

Agency / Fair Housing 2009

Cultural Diversity

About Home Inspections

Ethics 2008

Broker’s Course 2007

Marketing 103

Disclosure and Arbitration

Marketing 101

2005 Legislative Issues

Agency / Fair Housing 2005

St. Paul / Minneapolis Truth in Housing 2005

Cendant Mobility Referral Specialist 2003-05

Mastering E-Marketing 2004

Agency / Fair Housing 2004

The Graying of MN: Part 2

2004 Legislative Issues

Leasing Residential Property 

HomeQuest Computer Training

Fair Housing 2003

Indoor Air Quality and Mold

CPR Training 2003

Housing Opportunity Symposium 2003

Online MLS 2002

Ethics 2002

Agency / Fair Housing 2002

New Forms

New Business Models

Home Inspections: Top Ten Problems

Kitchen Design and Equipment

Selling Rural & Lakeshore Homes

Ethics 2000


Personal Promotion Techniques

Prospecting Techniques

Budgeting & Cost Analysis

Business Plan Development

Fair Housing / Agency 1999

Professionally Representing Buyer 

Seller Financial Planning & Taxation

This Old House, This New House                         

Real Estate Investment & Taxation

Learning Dynamics / Investing

Relocation Market

Lead Paint

Inspections with Buyers


How to become a Relocation Expert

Radix Computer

1996 Financing Update

Agency: Dispute Res/Fair Housing 1996

Advanced Agency 95

Changing Government & Leg. Update

Leg. Update 1995-ll

House Master of America - Inspections

Understanding Adjustable Rate Mortgages

MN Architectural Styles: Past & Present

Fair Housing 95

Home Inspections

1994 Legislative Update

Environmental Issues

Agency Disclosure & Representation

1993 Legislative Update - l

Outlook on Market

Life Estate & Living Trust

Stop Complaints Cold

Agency Law & Options

Planning a Worry Free Closing

Whom Do You Represent and When

Profiling the New Construction Market

Fair Housing 92

MN Style and Design

Financial Planning Workshop

Investment Cash Flow Analysis

Residential Property Management

Houses: From the Inside Out

Remodeling and Rehab.

Personal Taxation & Fin. Planning

Investment & Taxation

Tax Reform & Real Estate

Obstacles and Opportunities

FHA Mortgages

State & Federal Leg. & Its Impact

Finance & Construction Update

Investing in Real Estate

Helping Buyers Buy

Professionally Rep. Buyers & Sellers

Customer and Client Counseling

Sales Training with Tom Hopkins

Howard Brinton

Rick DeLuca

Burnet Realty Institute

MN Assoc. Course l, ll, & lll

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