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          734 Summit Ave. #3


1077 Sibley Memorial Hwy Unit-033-9-Gara



      1077 Sibley Memorial Hwy

                #501  $385,000

               #101 $350,000

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                  New Testimonial 

November, 2020 - "We chose Jay Budge as our realtor for  the sale of our condo because we knew of his good reputation and we were not disappointed. He took care of all the details and issues involved in the sale and always kept us well-informed of what was going on. Everything went very smoothly, even though there was a significant geographic distance between the buyer and seller. One thing we noticed was that he treated the buyer as respectful as he treated us and conveyed the message that he was interested in their satisfaction as well as ours. We would certainly recommend Jay Budge as a realtor to anyone." - Ray and Sally

Another 2020 Testimonial

"Sara and I began looking for a different living arrangement about five years ago, in 2015. We were reaching an age when maintaining a house, and climbing stairs, was becoming increasingly unappealing. I called Jay Budge to ask if he was interested in working with us, knowing that we may be difficult to please. He was patient and flexible throughout our long search. We looked at many properties over the years, and finally made an offer that was accepted. At every point in the process, Jay helped us through the various steps of the decision without being overbearing. I would work with Jay again." – John and Sara